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Why Chris Mannix is ‘wildly bullish’ on the 2022-23 Celtics





Why Chris Mannix was ‘super rookie’ in 2022-23 The Celtics originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Expectations are too high for the Boston Celtics heading into the 2022-23 NBA season, and rightly so.

With Malcolm Brogdon joining proven cores of Jason Tatum, Jaylene Brown, Marcus Smart, Al Horford and Robert Williams, the C players are in a position to once again reach the NBA Finals. In fact, they are currently the favorites to lift the Larry O’Brien Cup and bring Banner 18 to Boston.

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While there is a lot of optimism surrounding the Celtics, there have been some bumps in the road leading up to the new campaign. Adding the offseason, Danilo Gallinari suffered a ruptured ACL in August and is expected to miss the entire season. Robert Williams is said to have surgery on his left knee and may miss the first week or two.

Despite these setbacks, Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix is ​​confident that Boston will become a force again in 2022-23. Explain why on Tuesday first edition With Trinny Casey and Chris Forsberg.

“I’m very optimistic about this team,” Mannix said. “I’ve spent the last two weeks talking to team members for a story we’re working on at Sports Illustrated, and all I hear from people about the players and the players themselves, it’s really, really good stuff. Things you want to hear.

“I was talking to Drew Hanlin, coach of Jason Tatum. All summer, Tatum’s attitude has completely shifted to just focusing on winning. Speaking to Al Horford, he was telling me he’s not only thinking about playing this year, his body is feeling so good that he feels like he’s He can play for another two or three years and maintain his career near the age of 40.

“Even Robert Williams, before this latest injury problem, was telling me these guys have been talking all summer about maintaining their edge, about getting off to a good start this season and picking up where they left off. I think this team has done the talent, I think this team has. depth”.

Mannix adds that before playing a pre-season game, the new-look Celtics are already on the same page.

“If there was one concern, would these people be willing to sacrifice? Malcolm Brugdon would come in, would he be willing to sacrifice? Well, I spoke to Horford, and Horford worked with Brugdon this summer,” Mannix said. The only thing Brogdon kept telling him was, ‘What can I do to fit in?’ he said. What can I do to help us win? “So at the moment, all the signs are positive for this Celtics team.”

That’s definitely what C fans want to hear less than a month before the regular season opens.

Boston will return to action on October 2 when they host the Charlotte Hornets for their first pre-season game. The regular season begins October 18 against the Philadelphia 76ers at TD Garden.

You can watch the full early release clip with Mannix and Forsberg below:


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