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What About Brett? The Internet Is Calling Out Sports Media For Biased Coverage




What about Britt?  The internet summons sports media for biased coverage

Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Boston Celtics coach Im Odoka has been suspended for a season after reports of an inappropriate relationship with an employee. After jokes about Adoka simultaneously fumbling about his relationship with sweetheart Nia Long subsided, the internet began to wonder why another sports scandal — Brett Favre’s alleged stealing of money for low-income Mississippi residents — didn’t take off so much.

Files for the ongoing lawsuit to recover stolen state welfare funds revealed last week that Favre and state authorities worked together “to direct at least $5 million in state welfare funds to build a new volleyball court at the University of Southern Mississippi, where her daughter played the sport.” , according to Mississippi Today. According to the nonprofit news source, Favre received most of the credit for raising funds to build the facility.

State authorities include former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, who pushed for the arrangement. While charges were brought against the other parties involved in the scheme, neither Bryant nor Favre faced any charges.

While Ime Udoka has garnered a lot of attention in the sports media, Favre’s story hasn’t gotten the same play.

For example, ESPN’s NBA Twitter account has 9 posts focused on Udoka and his commentary. However, his NFL account didn’t cover Favre’s recent volleyball stadium scandal at all as of Friday morning.

I have noticed the Internet.

Robert Griffin III, former Washington Redskins quarterback, calls out hypocrisy

Others also try to redirect the misdirection, noticing the media’s focus on less important relationship matters.

News of Favre’s involvement in the welfare scandal comes just weeks after a water treatment failure in Jackson, Mississippi, led to concerns about the state abandoning its urban black population. Officials in Mississippi, the state with the third-highest percentage of blacks in the country, have come under fire for the continued lack of investment in its capital’s infrastructure.

WATCH: Jackson Mayor Choke Lumumba due to persistent water treatment failure

The article continues after the video.

Current state officials, including Governor Tate Reeves, have taken no action against Favre amid a larger lawsuit addressing widespread welfare fraud by former state government leaders, which also includes giving Favre money for letters he never received from social welfare funds.


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