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The Father director expands Father universe in The Son trailer




Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman
screenshot: Sony Photos Classics

As we finish the summer, We turn our attention to the fall and all the heartbreak The emotional upheavals that come from being a family member. It is a club that people all over the world enter at birth and it is a club that makes intense, Seriously minded movies about what it takes to build a life with people You are forced to hang out with.

One of the most prolific family historians is two parts in a trilogy about them. Last year (really), Florian Zeller led Anthony Hopkins to a surprise Oscar win the father. Hopkins’ performance as a dementia patient won him his second Academy Award, Beating favorite Chadwick Boseman. but who a path, And Hopkins wasn’t the only one: Zeller and co-screenwriter Christopher Hampton also chose academy Awards For the first part of the trilogy.

son | teaser trailer (2022)

Son Hopkins is welcomed back for some complex family dynamics. some Hollywood The most talented family members join him, including Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern, Vanessa Kirby, and newcomer Zane McGrath as the titular son. Here is the summary:

A drama that follows a family struggling to be reunited after a breakup. Son Focuses on Peter (Jackman), whose hectic life with his infant and new partner Beth (Kirby) is upended when his ex-wife Kate (Dern) shows up with their son, Nicholas (McGrath), who is now a teenager. The young man has been missing from school for months and is restless, distant and angry. Peter seeks to take care of Nicholas because he would have liked his father to take care of him as he performed his duties, his new son and Beth, and the offer of his dream position in Washington. However, by reaching into the past to correct his mistakes, he loses sight of how to hold on to Nicholas in the present.

Now, it doesn’t look like this is the second part in the father cinematic universe. This is an thematic link, so don’t expect too many Easter eggs or post-credit scenes. Well, we think.

Son Opens in New York and Los Angeles on November eleventh.




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