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The Athletic questions how James Harden will look for Sixers in new season





As the Philadelphia 76ers prepare for the upcoming 2022-23 season, there are questions to be answered. There is no doubt that the Sixers have a lot of talent. They will win many matches based on having the likes of Joel Embiid and James Harden in the lead.

However, what will Harden look like in his first full season in Philadelphia?

The Beard averaged 21 points, 10.5 assists, and 7.1 rebounds in 21 games with the Sixers, but he only fired 40.2% from the floor and 32.6% from depth in those games. His explosion in the basket and his efficiency was not there and the question is what he will look like in the new season.

The athlete begs the question after Harden spent an entire summer being able to rest his hamstrings:

Does James Harden look different from last season? The Sixers have new faces on the wing and a legitimate excitement surrounding what should be a deeper, more well-rounded team. But at the risk of looking like a broken cylinder, it all goes back to Harden. Has the entire summer break allowed the 33-year-old to recover and get back into shape from the time he started in Brooklyn? If so, the Sixers do a lot. Joel Embiid said Harden turned out to be more of a playmaker last season, and while that’s undeniable, the Sixers need a player who can also take over matches by scoring when needed.

Harden is sure to face a lot of pressure as he prepares to start his first full season in Philadelphia. He did everything a player could do in his NBA career except to win a championship. Now is the time for The Beard to step up and lead a team to the title and that’s what the Sixers are hoping for.


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The story originally appeared on Sixers Wire


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