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Steve Harvey Recalls Giving His Son’s Friend $400K To Invest On His Behalf, ‘He Gave Me Ten Times That Money In Two Years’





Sometimes kids are the best.

Steve Harvey, whose real name is Broderick Stephen Harvey Sr., once offered his eldest son Broderick Jr. a position to work with. While he turned down the job, he had a pretty good idea of ​​someone he thought might be the best candidate.

“I wanted my son to help me run my company, my oldest son Broderick who appears on TV,” Steve said while appearing on Earn Your Leisure.

Instead, his son told him that if Steve really wanted his business to grow, I’d better hire his best friend.

Steve also said, “That was clever of him because he could have taken that check.”

He encouraged his father by making it clear that the young man had more experience that would help grow his business.

At the time, his son’s friend had just graduated from Morehouse College with honors and had offers on the table from Ivy League institutions across the country. He had plans to come and engage in exports and imports.

Steve took his son’s advice and decided to give him a chance within his company.

“I hired him and gave him a salary that would give him everything he goes to school,” said Steve, who also explained why his son’s friend had been able to stay at the company all these years.

Steve explained during the episode, “The way we started was, I gave him $400,000, and I said, ‘Hey man, show me what you’re going to do in the stock market.

He continued, “When I tell you that he gave me ten times that amount in two years and then quadrupled it again. That money lies in making money.”

According to a previous report by AfroTech, Steve Harvey’s net worth is $200 million.

While he may be a popular artist and entrepreneur today, prior to his rise to fame, the 65-year-old worked several jobs before breaking into a comedy gig.

The rest is history.


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