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Sauron’s Rings of Power identity: Adar gets a guess in latest episode




The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power He kept one thing secret and safe for his entire production: Who on the show plays the main antagonist, the infamous Dark Lord Sauron? In the third episode of the show, we got another character to throw into the Sauron Potentials pile. And then, in the fifth episode, this theory was uttered out loud.

[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for episodes 3 and 5 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.]

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From the first moments of the third episode, the name Adar appeared on the lips of the characters. Arondir, a large number of humans and many elves were captured and pressed into the tunnels of the orcs, it seems that the orcs are reporting to a person called “Adar”. Even Arondir’s dwarf friends speculate aloud that Adar is another name for Sauron.

In the last scene of the episode, Arondir is dragged in front of a character who appears to be Adar, but is portrayed in a severe blur that conceals his features. In the fourth episode, the two have a conversation that makes Adar’s origins even more mysterious.

Who is managing?


Close-up of Adar, a dwarf with a burning face, in The Rings of Power.

Photo: Prime Video

we do not know. It’s entirely possible that it’s an original character that it was created for rings of strength As is Sauron – though this particular theory is a hit in Episode 5 (more on that in seconds). in the Lord of the RingsSauron had intermediaries between himself and the orcs on the front lines—generals, captains, Nazgl, and missionaries like Mouth Sauron—and allies who worked for his goals, like Saruman. Adar might be something similar, a rotten man from the Southlands.

Episode 5 made the possibility of Sauron a bit more blurry. When a group of men travel to Adar and his group of orcs to pledge loyalty and beg for mercy, one assumes that Adar is Sauron, and even asks, “You’re Sauron, right?” This angers Adar a lot, who does not respond directly but grabs the man by the throat and demands sacrifice.

Even with no angry answer, it’s technically possible Sauron, although we can safely keep it under “unlikely”. In this second era, Sauron was building his first foothold in Mordor, adjacent to the Southlands of the Gallery. He could still take physical form at that time, and used his ability to change to appear in a fair and friendly manner. Under the name Annatar, he claimed to be an emissary of the gods and persuaded Celebrimbor to teach him to make rings, eventually putting his little secret magic on the smaller rings.

Arondir’s companions note that Sauron went by many names, and this could be in rings of strength He managed one of them. Arondir points out that Adar is an Elvish word—perhaps meaning “father” in one of Tolkien’s two side dialects, which we know from Tom Bombadil’s elven name, Iarwain Ben-Adar, which means “elder and boys.”

Could Adar Sauron be under a new name? Mostly not. Halbrand still seems like a potential Sauron candidate for the characters we’ve met. And perhaps the eldest says Adar wont To be revealed to be the Dark Lord himself is that Arondir dwarf Buds already suggested this part out loud. Hell, it might be Tom Bombadil.


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