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Pulisic does have more to say about Tuchel’s snub against Real Madrid





“There’s not much to say,” Christian Pulisic said in May 2021, following Chelsea’s thrilling 2-0 win over Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final second leg, to book our place in the final.

This turned out to be a lie. No, not our place in the final. This was the absolute truth.

Turns out Pulisic has more to say. And he says it in an upcoming CV, because of course you need one at 24.

It turns out that the “anger” that Thomas Tuchel admitted at the time of Pulisic was indeed a justified reaction.

“What happened before that match was very disappointing for me. […] Tuchel told me he was relaxing me in the second leg and as a result I didn’t play a minute against Fulham. [over the preceding weekend].

Then on the match day of the second half, Tuchel told me he had changed his mind and was going with Kai [Havertz]. Frankly, I was stunned and very disappointed. I thought I would start, and most importantly he assured me earlier that I would. So by the time he dropped me off with about 25 minutes left, I was done with it.”

– Christian Pulisic Source: USA Today

Of course, Tuchel’s decision to start Kai Havertz and only bring Pulisic as a game-changing alternative was also justified, in part because Pulisic eventually released that negative energy in a very positive way. When you make “too hard” decisions and get them right, you can feel right on the right side of the date, too.

Unfortunately, similar situations in which Tuchel and Pulisic were involved did not produce quite such historical results, although Pulisic’s appearance as a substitute against Real Madrid in the next season’s quarter-finals was almost a comeback for us in the second leg – and that would have been truly historic.

Tuchel is gone now of course although Pulisic himself hasn’t had the greatest time at Chelsea in the last year (or two?) either. Perhaps under new coach Graham Potter we can write more history together, perhaps in a less frustrating way for Christian himself.


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