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Presidents Cup 2022: Finally on U.S. team, Billy Horschel says haters ‘don’t know what the ‘F’ they’re talking about’




Billy Horschel waited 14 years for this moment, to be part of an American team. He vividly remembers being overtaken in the 2014 Ryder Cup despite winning two play-off events and then watching on TV the Americans struggle for a five-point loss at Gleneagles.

“I felt I could have helped,” Horschel said. “Whether my presence and being there can help us win, I don’t know.”

However, when it comes to moments like that, when he leaves Horschel at home while his countrymen play, that never adds up to his motivation. After experiencing the Walker Cup as an amateur as a member of the 2007 victorious US team, Horschel never needed an extra incentive to qualify for the Pro Cup.

“My desire is so smoldering that it cannot rise any higher,” Horschel added. “To make this difference… there is no higher ceiling. There is nowhere else to go.”

So forgive Horschel if he was a little upset that some people wanted to discourage his debut on Team USA by questioning his affiliation and affiliation with others at Quail Hollow.

Sure, he’s familiar with the former US team members who haven’t followed through on their defections at the Saudi-backed LIV golf course, guys like Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Reed, who have all been stopped or lost. PGA Tour memberships were ruled ineligible for this event. But as one of US team captain Davis Love’s third picks, Hurschel, who finished 11The tenth On points, he feels he deserves a place on the 12-man U.S. team of the year, no matter who he’s not playing or what anyone else thinks.

Love: ‘No Talk’ Among US About Missing LIV Players

the love:

He is not alone. Moments after winning the Fortinet Championship on Sunday, Max Homma was asked in the broadcast about his first appearance in the cup.

“I am happy to be in good shape, to represent my country, and to play with these boys,” said Homa. “They are some really good golfers, so I just wanted to get on in good shape.”

Then Homa could not help but call out his haters.


“I know this is Twitter, but I’ve had a lot of people tell me that if the LIV team hadn’t left, I wouldn’t have been a Presidents Cup team,” he added, “so I’ve had a little bit of a chip on my shoulder this week.”

Horschel, who won the memorial this year out of five of the top 10, addressed Huma’s comments Tuesday while in the media.

“I know there has been a lot of chatter about this on both sides, at least the guys who went to the LIV Tour. Then by the name of Max [Homa, another pick] I’m kind of referring to Sunday after his win, there were a lot of people on social media who liked to get involved. What I heard, I also heard, I formed the team only because the LIV guys left [PGA] Horschel said. “I mean, these are just people who don’t know what they’re talking about. If they’ve seen the list of points when [Johnson and others] We left the tour, and obviously Max and I were in the top 12. So it doesn’t bother us a bit.”

Full Match Scoring of the President’s Cup

Low was asked about such gossip as well, and while he admitted that Johnson, the strong player inside this USA team rooms (nine cups total) who recently went 5-0 in the Ryder Cup last fall, would have at least got the captain’s choice had he been allowed in. .

“Yes, we miss him,” Love said of Johnson. “But I think in terms of points, we pretty much got the guys we wanted to get. I think we should have given him a place as a pick-down unless he gets a huge FedExCup roll. But as Trevor said, we’re really happy with our 12 because we We know they’re committed and passionate. Look at Max Homma. He’s been talking about it since January, “I want to make this team, I want to make this team.” Billy Hurschel… has been in the bubble for three or four teams. He’s really excited.

“So, like Trevor, we have a group of players that are excited and ready to play, and there is no talk in our squad room of anyone missing.”


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