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Nvidia GTC Highlights Diverse AI Career Paths




A far-reaching and captivating panel discussion at the Nvidia GTC 2022 featured five leaders who have pursued career paths in AI, each from a different background. The discussion highlighted the ubiquity of AI and its “portability” as a driver of job opportunities in every industry.

Led by Lewis Stewart, Head of Strategic Initiatives at Nvidia, the panel discussion largely focused on the different paths each executive took to get to their current work in AI.

For Chelsea Sumner, AI leader for healthcare at Nvidia, her interest in artificial intelligence came through medical research and her desire to democratize medicine. Sumner suggested that people interested in AI should “stand on the shoulders” of mentors to learn. She added that newcomers must be willing to fail and fail often.

Meanwhile, Carrie Guch, Adobe’s director of product marketing, discussed the value of early internships. These courses not only sparked Gotch’s interest in AI, but also brought together multidisciplinary teams to create intelligent AI feedback loops.

Dr. Laura Leal-Taixe from the Technical University of Munich cited a hands-on course she took while studying abroad in the US, whose work in self-driving cars and computer vision has gone from the fringe to the mainstream. She noted the importance of diversity in AI and made a clear plea to anyone interested in the field “try, try, try.”


Justin Taylor, Vice President of AI at Lockheed Martin, said AI is critical but only with the right end goal in mind — in Taylor’s case, safety and security. Taylor’s entry point into AI came as a truly tech leader.

Finally, eminent researcher and entrepreneur Dr. Jay Lee focused on the importance of data in artificial intelligence. Understanding the context and significance of data is fundamental and requires discipline and domain knowledge. Dr. Lee said that artificial intelligence without this discipline and knowledge of the field is fruitless.

Contrary to popular perceptions, the committee said that people interested in AI career paths do not need to pursue computer science from an early stage in their education and professional work.

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