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Monkey Island repays Uncharted 4 Easter egg with a cameo for director Neil Druckmann




Return to Monkey Island has a huge cameo from The Last of Us and Uncharted director Neil Druckmann, and it’s not even the first cross between these two distinct game worlds.

Druckmann, known as the creative director of The Last of Us, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and The Last of Us Part II, introduces a minor character in Return to Monkey Island. You may not recognize his voice when you hear it, but as a Eurogamer (Opens in a new tab) Notes, there’s nothing wrong with his name in the cast for the credits.

I haven’t gotten to the point where Druckmann’s character appears, and he seems to be pretty deep into the game – I haven’t encountered him yet for the first three seasons. But you don’t have to take anyone’s word for their looks. Druckmann tweeted about his role in the game, calling the inscription one of his “life goals.” This Tweet is now pinned to the top of Druckmann’s Twitter profile (Opens in a new tab)very.

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If you need any clue that there are some true Monkey Island fans in Naughty Dog, look no further than Uncharted 4. During that game, you’ll come across a series of images of pirate captains, including one named “Guy Wood,” which is pretty obvious. . Tribute to the hero of Monkey Island Guybrush Threepwood.

“I asked a concept artist to do it,” Druckmann said in a 2016 interview with VentureBeat. (Opens in a new tab) When asked about the Easter egg. “I thought I was going to sneak in there, and then word got out that he’s in the game. Then HR came up to me and said we had to get permission for it. We couldn’t leave it in the game. So I thought, damn it, Disney was going to make us take it out. But we reached out.” With Disney and they actually said they’re flattered, so we can go for it. That was cool.”

We call our new adventure game “A nostalgic adventure you don’t want to miss” at our 4.5 stars Back to Monkey Island reviewwhich is worth checking out even if you’re not a fan of the Druckmann series at the Druckmann level.


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