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Maury Wills is gone, but fans will never forget his exploits




Los Angeles Dodgers player Murray Wells on March 27, 1962. (AP Photo)

Dodgers Shortstop Maury Wills, featured in 1962, was the first major player to steal 100 bases in a single season. (News agency)

Maury Wills is one of the most important players who has not been in the Hall of Fame. He influenced how others played the game by reinventing the stolen base. And given how low the Dodgers’ teams were, that made it an added value. He was good at defense too. Yes, he had personal issues but this is an establishment that Ty Cobb had in its opening class.

Evan Bozes

Sea View


Growing up with the Dodgers-Giants rivalry in the 1960s, I loved watching Morey Wells frustrated and almost single-handedly defeating the Giants. Next to Sandy Koufax, the Dodger was my favorite during that era and I was horrified when it was replaced by popcorn and hot dogs at the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Whether or not the team continues their outdated policy of retiring the number, just as Fernando’s number 34 won’t be issued to anyone, no one after Dave Roberts should wear the number 30.

Elliot Powers

San Diego


The death of the great Dodger Murray Wells begs the question: Why isn’t this guy in the Hall of Fame?

His numbers were equal to and even surpassed many of the players already in the hall. I know because I searched for it. And how many of them have a regular season MVP, an All-Star Game MVP, and three World Championship episodes on their résumé? I searched for it again not much.

What I didn’t have to look for was that none of them changed baseball by returning the stolen base and making it art.

It was bad enough that it took almost forever for Jill Hodges to get in, but this is…this is a tragedy.

David Dell

Sonoma Valley


Long before the wave, there was the hymn “Go, go, go!” When a boy was walking into Dodger’s field with his father, there were certain things you had hoped to see: Koufax springing off a deadly curved ball; Willie Davis hits the ball into the gap; Don Drysdale claims his claim to the exterior of the painting, if not all; Frank Howard beats a misplaced fast ball. But for pure excitement and crowd excitement, you can’t beat Morey Wells going off first base.

Rob Stockley

Sierra Madre


I can still hear John Ramsey’s booming voice, “Hit first to the Dodgers…” Hands begin to clap. “The shortstop…” The applause continues to build. “Number 30…” Now a thunderous roar. “Mori….” The entire stadium cheered as one! You’ve never heard of the “commandments.” You didn’t. Everyone knew. The captain was interfering. It’s time for excitement. It’s time for a Dodger baseball game.

John Thompson

Mission View

University of California uproar

I have to agree with Chip Kelly about no big name opponents hurting attendance, because those big name schools have fans who travel everywhere to watch their teams play. UCLA won’t have more fans at home, but if you just want to fill the Rose Bowl, scheduling top-tier teams is a good idea. Plus Bruin students and fans will be able to sell their tickets to opposing fans. Fans will come, but I doubt they’ll wear powder blue.

Judy Thompson




The question isn’t why only 29,344 people attended last Saturday’s UCLA game at the Rose Bowl. The real question is why anyone showed up at all. I mean, seriously, an 11 a.m. soccer game against South Alabama and fans are being criticized for not going?

Greg Nersesian

North Hollywood


I don’t know why UCLA has such a problem with attendance at the Rose Bowl. You can get a ticket for under $6, which is a very good deal. Maybe because they want $60 for parking!

Bill Percy

long beach

MVP or HR Derby?

Regarding the best player selection between Shohei Ohtani and Aaron Judge. Aaron Judge has not won 13 karami matches. He does not have a 2.34 ERA. When he does, Judge has an argument in favor of the MVP.

Dennis Horowitz

From the sea


No, Bill Chicken, the “real” home record is not 73. The “real” record is still 61 for Roger Maris (unless Aaron Judge breaks it this year).

It doesn’t matter that Bud Selig remained silent when Barry Bonds passed 61 while using banned steroids. Players can’t set records by cheating just because sports officials want to ignore a scandal.

True sports fans know the No. 61 Maris represents the greatest homecoming achievement in a single season.

Ray McCown


broadcast blues

It’s hard to watch angels on TV and listen to them on the radio. The announcers are very subpar. TV guys, while I’m sure they’re nice guys, are too busy quoting obscure statistics. So what if this hit the wall that would be a home run on X number of other ball courts? As a longtime Angels fan, I hope the new owner will invest not only in some good shows, but also in advertising for teams that make the game fun with a bit of a town bias.

Steve Jerry

sea ​​crown

Painful reminder

I read with deep sadness that the former UCSD basketball player, Galen Hill, has passed away at the age of 22. He left the team in 2021 to battle his depression and anxiety. With all the resources UCLA would make available, it’s showing a mental health pandemic, especially with young males, on a massive scale. I pray for the family.

Craig A. Horowitz

Santa Monica


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