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Local DJs renew quest to find the “Best Teachers on the Planet” – St George News




Street. George – Lukas Cox and Larae Nelson, hosts at local radio station Planet 105.1 FM, say they are relaunching their ongoing mission of finding a wonderful and exciting life within the confines of education by finding “the best teachers on the planet” starting next month.

Bethany Nelson, a teacher from Coral Canyon Elementary School, celebrates winning $500 during the Best Teacher on the Planet Gala in St. George, Utah, May 19, 2018 | Photography by Marki Hickenliable, St. George’s News

Morning Show hosts Lukas and Larae begin their annual event to find local educators within the schools of Southern Utah who represent the true meaning of higher beings by seeking the audience’s help. The public can help by making recommendations.

They set out to recognize the teachers who go boldly where many fear to go, the minds of our youth. They say the goal is to find teachers who find ways to enlighten, guide, and lead their students with expressions of creativity, ingenuity, love and patience.

Nelson, who developed the idea for the award program in 2006, explained that it was developed to identify the unsung heroes of teachers who do more than the job requires to ensure student success.

“My husband Chris and I used to do the morning show, and his parents and mom were teachers,” Nelson said. “It is honestly about honoring our teachers. We want the teachers to be recognized and appreciated as well as get a little extra.”

The first winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 5th at 8:45 am on the morning show. Larae and Lukas will read the submission of the nomination, including everything said about the teacher.

“After reading the winner live, Lucas and I will go to the winning teacher’s classroom later that day, as a surprise to the teacher, and give the teacher all these awards! We do this in front of their class, usually… then we give them a copy of the letter. We do it in front of their class, usually… and then give them a copy of the letter,” said Nelson. Whoever nominated them, and whatever is said about them, we give them a copy of that letter to keep.”

The award will be given to a new teacher every Wednesday (excluding holiday weeks) for the remainder of the academic year through the first week of May. The weekly “Best Teacher on the Planet” gets a T-shirt announcing his new title, plus prizes from Boulevard Home Furnishings, Advanced Mobile IV, Eureka Casino and Resort, Bear Paw Cafe, Quick Quack Car Wash and Findlay Kia.

The honorees of the Planet’s Best Teacher Contest 2020-21 were honored at the Year-end Gala hosted by Planet 105.1, St. George, Utah, May 16, 2021 | Image source: Planet 105.1, St. George News

“So a lot of teachers are going to win a lot of awards,” Cox said.

Cox noted that last year there were about 390 teachers nominated, of whom fewer than 30 won the award. According to the calendar, in this academic year, 27 teachers will win the prize.

At the end of the year, Findlay Kia will host a big party for all the weekly winners. Four of the “Best Teachers on the Planet” will win the grand prize: $500 per teacher and $500 per school the teacher works for. A total of $4,000 will be awarded from Findlay Kia.


Nelson There are nomination letters submitted by all the students in the class. The winning teacher receives a copy of all nominations they receive and is able to see and read everything written about them.

Lucas and Larry on a mission to find the best teacher on the planet for the 2022-23 school year in Southern Utah, St. George, Utah, September 22, 2022 | Photo/Graphic design by Nick Yamashita, St. George’s News

There are no requirements for who can submit a teacher nomination for the award, although the winner cannot be a relative of an employee of Canyon Media or its sponsors.

“You know someone who is a great teacher; we want you to tell us about them,” said Nelson.

Teachers can be nominated by clicking here.

Joined in an uncertain destination, the team of Lukas and Larae are on a mission to go to the vast expanse of southern Utah and find one of their goal and find the Masters and Supreme Beings who have the mighty power with them and the trainers of the young “Badawan”, the best teachers on the planet.

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