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Linda Fruhvirtova wins maiden WTA title hoping to continue her road to success




“(I have) nothing but love for Chennai,” the smiling 17-year-old Czech announced that she is beating veteran Polish rival Magda Linnett. India’s sweltering heat didn’t cause Linda Frohvertova to wilt or compromise her skills as she sought to defeat her surprise opponent in a thrilling three-set title match.

Something told Linda that this was the championship she could make or break and she decided to be aggressive was the answer. Would such a first title at such a young age create problems? Czech teens don’t think so.

“Since I was really young, we always had a lot of interest,” she and her younger sister Brenda explained to playing tennis on so many levels. “I’m kind of used to people watching how I’m going,” Linda added.

But she just wants to get her racket to do the talking, and teach the tennis community that she’s not one title wonder. It is also her sister’s motto to work on consistency and not listen to others dictating how their future will be.

Giving her own groundbreaking performances, Brenda Fruhvirtova turns 15 by winning her fifth ITF singles title of the year and intends to continue her journey for as long as possible. Linda and Brenda know how harmful it can be to fully listen to the media and choose to go out and do the way they know best.


“ tennis once you lose two games, people say, ‘Oh, she’s going down’ and then you win two games and they go ‘She’s a star’ You can’t really focus on what other people are saying”

Linda is happy to win her first WTA title and has a high career. 130. She looks at her first title as well as the accomplishments of teenage Carlos Alcaraz to indicate a new generation coming into professional tennis.

She also sees how winning a Grand Slam tournament at such a young age can be a huge stress and living up to the hype is a struggle. Linda has only been on tour for three years and hasn’t even won the playoff round many times. She got real and says that winning her title in Chennai is just the beginning.

“I would really like to be in the position where I can play the main draws in the major tournaments…of course you want to win the Gand Slams as soon as possible…but I’ll just do my best and we’ll see.”


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