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LeBron James has shaved his head and officially gone LeBald





Breaking news!

No, sorry, it’s not a trade that Russell Westbrook is involved in.

Instead, we bring news that LeBron James has finally thrown in the towel. Not in his career, but at the barbershop, where he appears to have shaved his entire head according to this photo he posted on his Instagram story on Tuesday.

So does that mean that LeBron is finally following the exact same path as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant by going completely bald after years of trying to keep that hairline from constantly falling out?

Well, not exactly.

He also posted a video of himself completely bald during the 2017 off-season prior to his final season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Obviously, once the season started, LeBron had as natural a head of hair as he had about a decade ago.

However, this post from 2017 came in June, roughly 3 months before the media day and kick-off of the 2017-18 season training camp. A full shave early in the off season can be a chore that LeBron has adopted in the past decade as a sort of calculated regimen to make his hair look as good as possible for the full season.

But three months before Information Day is very different from the six days before Information Day. Are we really going to have to set our eyes on the all-new bald LeBron James style? Looks like we will…unless…

If you look at the top of his head, the lighting around him looks a bit funny.

Is this just one of the millions of filters we have in this day and age? One that can show you what you look like when you’re bald? We all know that when LeBron isn’t a powerbroker in the NBA, he’s a pretty big soccer player, so maybe that’s a little joke as he’s gearing up for the mini-camp that he’ll lead with the Lakers roster later. the week. If so, I’m sure Lakers fans will enjoy it more than the last joke he played on us below.

But maybe that’s true and we’re actually getting LeBald into his 20th singles season in the league. If so, I’d say good on LeBron for making him go bald and changing his appearance to what makes him happy. And if he was joking? Well, good on him never, never, never give in to his hair, I think!

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