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KRYK: We should cherish NFL’s ‘Old Geezer Bowls’ while we can




Brady’s game against Rodgers may be the only NFL game in the late 1930s for QBs this season. And in 2-3 years, there may not be anything for a while.

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Perhaps none of us should take the NFL’s latest “Old Geezer Bowl” – Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers on Sunday – for granted.

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Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers face off at 4:25 PM EST (CTV nationally excluding BC, Alberta, and Atlantic), in a marquee game of Week 3. The Bucs are one point favourite.

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Since the early 2000s, it has become very common to see a game that includes both quarterbacks in their late thirties. That is, over the age of 35.

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But slowly, most of the long-tooth ball players left the game.

Peyton Manning retired after 2015 at the age of 39. His brother Elie followed him after 2019, at the age of 38.

Drew Bryce (42), Philip Rivers (39) and Josh McConne (41) join their ranks after 2020.

And last winter, Ben Roethlisberger (39) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (39) ended their playing careers similarly.

Every year since the early 2000s, and especially in the 2017-2020 period, we’ve had a large number of confrontations between two passers-by in the late 1930s against each other. Brady vs Peyton. Brady vs. Ben. Fitz vs. Ben. Eli vs. Bryce. Bryce vs. Brady. Rodgers vs. Ben. Rodgers vs. Bryce. rivers vs bin. Rivers vs. Brady. Rivers vs. Fitz. and so on.

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Now, all of a sudden, this season we only have three NFL players over the age of 35: Tampa Bay’s Brady (who turned 45 last month), Green Bay Rodgers (who turned 39 in December) and Matt Ryan from Indianapolis. (who turned 37 in May).

Joe Flacco (turning 38 in January) makes a temporary start for the New York Jets, but the plan is for him to be back on the bench in two weeks, once Zach Wilson, 23, has fully recovered from a knee injury.

If Jets coach Robert Saleh keeps Flacco at the start of the season on October 16, for whatever reason, we’ll have a Flacco vs. Rodgers, as the Jets play that day in the Packers.

Otherwise, the Old Geezer Bowl is on Sunday – where the oldest passers of the NFL roster will compete against each other, Brady vs.

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oh you know what? Looking into the future, there may not be many matches, or even any of them, 2-4 years from now. And maybe only a handful, it was said, before 2030.

Here’s why.

We all know that Brady is probably playing his last season in the NFL. Especially if his wife has something to say about it. After all he retired for over a month earlier this year, before he changed his mind. Certainly, no one expects Brady to continue playing in 2024.

Likewise, Rodgers nearly retired last off-season, telling reporters in the summer that extending the new contract he signed in March – ostensibly linking him to the Packers until 2026, thanks to two new option years – is basically just one – a public commitment.

Ryan is under contract with his new team, the Colts, until next year only. And if the Ponies continue to dig deeper into the quagmire of poor quality this season, they may not get that far before they are out of the game. or push it away.

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Flacco’s career was already running on smoke for several years before he sparkled this season with back-to-back runs over 300 yards. He’s been team-hopping mostly as a backup since losing his Baltimore job to Lamar Jackson midway through the 2018 season.

After Brady, Rodgers, Ryan and Flacco, the next four QBs represent all NFL passers in the 32-35 age group. They were all born in the same year 1988:

• Matthew Stafford (34);
• Ryan Tanehill (34 years old);
• Kirk Cousins ​​(34);
• Russell Wilson (34 years old in November).

Which of these four will start in 2024 or 2025? Maybe only Stafford and Wilson have a good chance. And the persistently reckless Stafford may not want to play by then or be able to.

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After them, the next three oldest starting NFL QBs are:

• Jenno Smith, turning 32 in two weeks.
• Derek Carr, who turns 32 in February.
• and Jimmy Garoppolo, who turns 31 in November.

While it’s shaping up now, only Carr will likely have a good chance at the start of 2024-25.

This is your list.

There are no other thirty things from the NFL starting QBs.

And in case you were wondering, the only current QBs on the queue who are likely to become a novice at 30 soon are:

• Carson Wentz, 29 years old;
• Dak Prescott, 29 years old;
• Marcus Mariota, 28 years old;
• James Winston, 28 years old.
• and Jared Goff, 27.

Who is that quintet who will still be a novice in a few years? seriously? Maybe just Prescott, at least if Jerry Jones still had anything to say about her.

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So, of all the 16 players above who would initially remain for an NFL team mid-decade? Come late decade? Maybe not much.

Thus, we shouldn’t really be yawning at this latest old man match between Brady and Rodgers. Especially considering the glossy covers, according to the NFL:

• No game before that in NFL history has shown starting QBs with six Super Bowl MVP awards combined. Brady has five, and Rogers has one.

• This is only the third game that the combined starting QBs have won as many as seven NFL MVP Awards. Rodgers has four (2011-14-20-21), Brady has three (2007-10-17).

• The winner of the last two head-to-head matches between QBs in the regular season to win the Super Bowl (Brady both times, in 2018 and 2020).

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• This is the fifth time in the past 15 years that the previous season’s TD passing leader (Brady, 43) has faced the previous season’s passer rating leader (Rodgers, 111.9). Either Brady or Rodgers participated in three of the previous four.

Perhaps he will prove that, given the above-except as unlikely, and quoting prominent British football presenter Martin Tyler – from his transcendent call to culminate in the end of Manchester City’s miraculous season in 2012 that clinched the Premier League title. From arch-rivals Manchester United:

“You will never see anything like this again. So watch it. Drink it!”

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