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Kitten and rabbit thrown from car window in Chesterfield




A cat and a rabbit have been rescued after being “cruelly” thrown out of a car window on a road in Chesterfield.

The RSPCA launched an investigation after a woman saw the accident in Broomhill Road, Old Whittington, on Tuesday.

He said she was driving along the road when she saw the animals being thrown out the window of a black sports car, then quickly left.

The charity urged anyone with information to contact.

She said the woman was able to capture the rabbit and take it to the care of the RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire branch.

She was unable to locate the cat who ran away, but two days later she was driving her husband to work in the area and spotted him.

Her husband successfully lure the six-month-old with chicken from his sandwiches before catching her and taking her to foster care.


Steve McCauley, Branch Supporters Engagement Officer, said: “These poor pets were ruthlessly thrown out a car window and left in such a vulnerable position – he was very lucky to find them and we are now looking after them.

“Fortunately they appear to be unharmed from this terrible act and are doing well in our care.

“None of the pets are equipped with an electronic chip, so we will take care of them in case an owner is found. If an owner is not found, they will be put up for adoption when they are settled.”

McCauley added: “We are really concerned about people abandoning their pets in these horrific ways, especially with the ongoing cost of living crisis.

“Times are tough right now and we understand that many families are struggling to cope, and we are afraid to see more and more pets being given away to charity or given away, simply because the owners don’t know where to turn.”

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