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Is the new ‘Star Wars’ series any good?




Watch: Trailer for the movie Disney + star Wars series Andor

It was hard for some to get really excited star Wars For some time now. The Mandalorian He delivered the arm shot so many fans needed after the big screen disappointment Heavenly Risebut much of the goodwill that Grogu elicited for this show has been tested by the average boba fett book And the Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Now, though, he’s up for something different – a show that could provide the much-needed breakup for the Skywalkers this franchise. And there’s no flashback to the Tuskin Rider in sight, thank God.

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Andor – Finally getting to Disney+ after a month delay – Happening in the years leading up to the events of the 2016 movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Storywith the galaxy locked in the iron fist of the Galactic Empire.

Diego Luna reprises his role from this movie as Cassian Andor, whom we meet as a thief who makes his way through life with the help of childhood friend Pecs (Adria Arjuna) and exercises an aversion to the powers that be. They’re not too enthusiastic about him either, as the Empire’s middle manager Cyril Karn (the horrifyingly icy Kyle Soler) challenges his superiors to go find Andor after a nightclub altercation turns violent.

Diego Luna reprises his role in Rogue One as rebel fighter Cassian Andor in the Disney + series Andor.  (Lucasfilm/Disney)

Diego Luna reenacts him rogue one The role of rebel fighter Cassian Andor in the Disney + series Andor. (Lucasfilm/Disney)

This investigation serves as the central plot of the opening trilogy of episodes, though series creator Tony Gilroy – who helped care for the afflicted rogue one Through his re-releases – he does an excellent job of expanding the world beyond that basic narrative. By the time Episode IV begins, the canvas becomes noticeably wider. This seems to be a show that has the built-in ability to remake itself every few episodes into something completely different. The pace is methodical, but the gains are totally worth it.

Although his name is taken from a single title character, Andor It is a true collection piece in the best way star Wars The material tends to be. It unfolds in a world under the control of the Empire where there is a distinct sense of paranoia and danger, with a later subtle stream of resistance escalating against it.

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Early episodes see Andor introduced to the mysterious outlaw character Stellan Skarsgård, who also appears to have some sort of relationship with future rebel leader Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly). Here, the woman who will go on to inform us of the many deaths of Bothan is framed as a politician trying to turn things around from within the system through her role as senator.

Genevieve O'Reilly plays the rebellious character Moon Mothma again in Andor.  (Lucasfilm/Disney)

Genevieve O’Reilly plays rebel character Moon Mothma again Andor. (Lucasfilm/Disney)

Gilroy’s experience in the dark, often political arena of excitement helps him provide a different perspective on star Wars The universe, a network of intrigues and secret resistance gradually disintegrates. He was aided by the decision to eschew “size” technology – digital sets displayed on huge LED screens behind actors – in favor of massive physical sets, one of which spans more than eight acres. The result is a world that feels truly lived and immersed in your senses, unlike the clean manufacturing that has characterized the modern era star Wars offers.


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It also benefits from having a slightly different perspective on the franchise as a whole. Gilroy enters the barn not for life star Wars A geek who knows all the details of science, but as someone who wants to use the existing framework as a scaffold to say something worth listening to.

It’s not a “kill your darlings” way of approaching material – Gilroy clearly has a healthy respect for fans and affection for George Lucas’ world – but like Rian Johnson did in it last seriousGilroy knows there is a benefit in pushing people out of their heavenly-sized comfort zone. This is not a relaxing Easter egg game Where is Wally? For fans of cartoon shows. At least not yet.

Stellan Skarsgård's mysterious rebel teams up with the title character in Andor.  (Lucasfilm/Disney)

Stellan Skarsgård’s mysterious rebel joins forces with the title character in Andor. (Lucasfilm/Disney)

But, lest you worry that this sounds a bit too serious, Andor It’s still tons of fun. It’s a show that thrives in the dark, dark corners of a galaxy far, far away, with its deeply uncomfortable protagonist stepping out into the light.

This provides an opportunity to delve into the fields star Wars Never seen it before, as well as providing its fair share of massive work. Episode III offers a large-scale battle sequence that’s just as exciting as anything else star Wars Produced in a long time.

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The shows also provide a tangible sense of energy and add further to the sense that this is a world in which there is a history before the show and a future after it. Luna and Arjona have great chemistry and their relationship feels layers from decades of complex but unspoken background between them, while the always reliable Fiona Shaw does a great job as a mother-like character with a major role in Andor’s life.

Soller gives a big villain and joins Dedra, fellow imperial Denise Gough’s office mate, in feeling more dangerous precisely because of their relatively low standing in the giant empire machine and their desire to prove themselves at all costs.

Kyle Soler said that his Cyril character in Andor was dangerous due to his desire to establish himself within the Empire.  (Lucasfilm/Disney)

Kyle Soller said: Andor Cyril’s character is dangerous due to his desire to establish himself within the Empire. (Lucasfilm/Disney)

A third of the way through it’s running and with the stage set for the next few bigger episodes, the signs are good for Andor. At a time when many star Wars The shows are starting to feel like lazy fan-service exercises, and that’s something different – something that actually wants to explore what it’s been like to be there in the years before Luke Skywalker looked at these twins and offered new hope.

It’s brave without being gloomy, and cleverly political without losing the spectacle and wonder that made us all fall in love with this world.

Unless you’re here for the Tusken Raider memories. In that case, I can only apologize for your disappointment.

The first three episodes of Andor will Reach out to Disney + on September 21, with subsequent episodes showing weekly on the platform.


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