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Internet Praises Man For Ruining Workplace Bully’s Date: ‘Dream Revenge’




Online commentators have praised a man who said in a post that has now gone viral that he once took revenge on Chris, a former workplace bully, by confronting him in the middle of a date.

Posting on the Reddit forum “Petty Revenge” under the username u/DenniseDenephew, the man said he and his husband “felt bad” about dating Chris, but were finally happy to see Chris finally face the consequences of his actions. The post has garnered more than 13,700 votes and hundreds of supportive comments.

bullying at work

Some research indicates that many workers, specifically LGBT workers, have been victims of workplace bullying. A 2017 CareerBuilder study reported that four out of 10 LGBT workers reported feeling bullied at work, CNBC reported. LGBTI workers added that they were “ignored, falsely accused of wrongdoing, or judged on different criteria than other workers.”

“Let’s be clear – homophobia and transphobia at work [are] “Employers must be clear that they have zero tolerance for harassment of their LGBT employees – and be prepared to take any complaint seriously,” Francis O’Grady, general secretary of the Labor Congress of England and Wales, said in a newspaper in 2017.

Annoyed woman on a date
Online commentators have praised a man who said in a post that has now gone viral that he once took revenge on Chris, a former workplace bully, by confronting him in the middle of a date.
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Talking to Psychology TodayMichael Irwin of CareerBuilder encouraged those facing workplace bullying to document everything and take the issue to Human Resources. He also urged workers to stand up to bullies.

“53 percent of workers who have experienced bullying at work have encountered the bully, and 20 percent said bullying has stopped,” Psychology Today mentioned.

petty revenge

In his post, u/DenniseDenephew said Chris would “relentlessly tease” him and some of their other co-workers.

“[H]The mail did not know when to quit smoking. And if he notices that you’re feeling stressed or upset, he’ll use you as a target to arouse him for the rest of the day,” said u/DenniseDenephew.

At one point Chris went so far as to falsely accuse u/DenniseDenephew of writing an “angry” Glassdoor review of their company, which ultimately affected u/DenniseDenephew’s job.

“As much as I proved it wasn’t me… he was tireless campaigning around the office I was in [who] I wrote it. I also think he told his boss that it was me [who] I wrote it once [quit]Which is why I didn’t get any freelance work from them after that,” u/DenniseDenephew said.

After u/DenniseDenephew left the company, the two unfollowed each other on social media and eventually lost contact. A few months later, he discovered u/DenniseDenephew and his husband Chris on a date in a bar. Feeling “confident”, u/DenniseDenephew approached Chris and called him up for his past behavior in front of his date.


“[Chris’s date] We asked how we knew each other…[and I said]“Yeah, it’s really funny – Chris used to be a bully in my workplace. He’s the reason I struggled financially after I quit my old job because he accused me of writing an anti-company review… and I lost a lot of freelance work because of it,” wrote u/DenniseDenephew .

“[To] Add salt to the wound, I said, “So is this your new girlfriend, Catherine? Or is this Georgia? What happened with Sarah?”[?] Someone said you were still with her last week,” continued u/DenniseDenephew.

u/DenniseDenephew told Redditors that while he felt “petty,” he was happy to finally see Chris face the consequences of “being an a**k”.

Redditors’ reaction

Redditors applauded u/DenniseDenephew for his revenge, calling it a “dream” scenario.

“Living indirectly through you, OP [original poster]. Since leaving my toxic work environment, I’ve been dreaming of running into a bully and having a similar encounter “Nice to see you,” u/GingeeBreadKnight said.

u/BikerJedi wrote: “He was as petty as f**k. And I’m here for it. Perfect revenge…good on you. F**k you, Chris.”

u/credititskeeping added: “Bravo! I wish I were you, OP! This is a dream of revenge…”

NEWSWEEK Reached out to u/DenniseDenephew for comment.

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