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How worrisome is Robert Williams’ knee surgical procedure? Chris Mannix gives perception





How frightened is Time Lord’s knee surgical procedure? Mannix gives perception that initially appeared on NBC Sports activities Boston

With lower than a month into the NBA opening evening, Boston Celtics followers obtained some less-than-ideal information on Tuesday.

C-Staff bulkman Robert Williams will reportedly have surgical procedure on his left knee and might be out for the following 4 to 6 weeks. That makes him unlikely to suit into the October 18 season opener towards Philadelphia 76ers, however barring a setback, he should not miss many common season video games.

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Whereas a cheerleader for Williams doubtless will not waste a lot time, his damage historical past is trigger for concern. The 24-year-old has struggled to remain on the courtroom to date in his four-year NBA profession and will probably be the identical knee surgical procedure that required a process in March to restore a meniscus tear.

Sports activities Illustrated’s Chris Mannix supplied extra particulars about Williams’ surgical procedure on Tuesday first version.

“I checked in with a few people within the organization. A lot of what I heard is that Robert Williams, in the aftermath of the Finals, took a lot of time. Today is in the better part of two months.” Mannix stated. “When he started ramping it up again, it was this kind of constant pain going on in the knee and the Celtics decided we’d get it over with right away, maybe miss a week, maybe miss two weeks off in the regular season, but let’s deal with that now before the games really count. And be healthy all season long.”

So, how worried are Celtics fans about Williams’ recent injury?

“I think if you were to put it on a scale of 1 to 10, I would say 5 or 6 now,” Mannix said. “I mean, Robert Williams needed knee surgery at the end of last season, but he came back a lot faster than anyone expected. And he showed everyone last year that this guy can play through pain, that he’s ready to play hurts and he’s going to do it whenever he can. humanly possible.

“So it’s worrying now to see Robert Williams go down with that kind of injury, but as long as he’s back during the first week or two in November, it’s going to be something I think we’ll look back on very quickly. Right now it’s all really a question about a team Celtics, their seats, do they have to bring someone in to support that front court?”

Dwight Howard among C’s big men’s options after Robert Williams’ injury?

Williams was one of the Celtics’ most valuable players during their 2021-22 career. He averaged 10.0 points, 9.6 rebounds, 2.2 pieces and 2.0 assists over 61 games in his first full season as a rookie.

Chris Forsberg has stressed that Williams needs to be at full power so Boston can have another run next season. Until then, the next guy in the C role will be to keep their heads above water for the first week or two of the campaign.

“I believe he sacrificed just a little bit to be there final yr, and now you are paying the worth just a little bit this yr,” Forsberg said. “When Rob is healthy, it changes the rules of the game and just changes the dynamic of this team. They need him healthy in June, in May, whatever the case is. And so, if you have to bite the bullet now to get him healthy, it’s not the worst thing. .

“I hope Luke Kornet is ready, and I hope that Mfiondu Kabengele and all those other big guys who brought them to camp are willing to try and compete for spots in the process. Al Horford is 36, there will be a re-emergence that he can’t play. How does he overcome? The Celtics are on these games early? You don’t want to dig yourself the hole they dug last year and have to work your way out and eventually run out of steam.”

You can watch the full early release clip with Mannix and Forsberg below:


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