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House of the Dragons producer says portraying sexual violence is not ‘off the table’




Dragon House Producer and executive writer Sarah Hess refused to rule out sexual violence in the show’s future after saying that the first season would not depict it.

Conversations about the show and sexual violence brewed from the start as before Game of thrones She was famously criticized for her portrayal of rape and abuse.

“I would like to make it clear that we do not depict sexual violence on the show,” Hess said. Vanity Fair in August. “We take one case off-screen, and instead show the consequences and impact on the victim and the perpetrator’s mother.”

In the appearance of the day The Official Game of Thrones Podcast: House of the Dragon On Monday (September 19) Hess made it clear that they would not be “ashamed” of sexual violence if necessary.

“I would like to make it clear that I didn’t say we would never film sexual violence,” she said.

“I’m not saying we are. I don’t know. Hopefully there will be a few more seasons of this show so it’s not off the table.


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Emily Carey and Millie Alcock in House of the Dragon

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Hess continued, “We didn’t feel the need to put what wasn’t in the book. It’s definitely part of the world and something that if needed we wouldn’t be ashamed of it but I think there should be a lot of thought about how to portray it. It’s also a more subtle point to make, I don’t think you have to be raped in order to be oppressed and traumatized. I’m more interested in the more subtle ways you operate.”

Actress Alicent Hightower Emily Carey, who was only 17 when she was cast on the show, recently spoke about her nerves before filming a sex scene for the show.

Alicent is shown having sex with King Viserys Targaryen, played by Paddy Considine who is 30 years older than Carey.

“It scared me, because at that point I hadn’t met Buddy… and all I saw was, you know, a 47-year-old guy and I were a bit worried,” Carrey said before adding, “before adding that he let her Incredible intimacy coordinator with the feeling of comfort in the group.

Dragon House It continues in the UK on Sky Atlantic on Mondays at 2am, before repeating at 9pm later that day.


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