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Great British Bake stars ranked after Biscuit Week in episode 2




Maysam on GBBO

You are not crying (Photo: Channel Four)

The bakers of Great British Bake Off are set back in their stride and oh, Biscuit Week is a tough mistress.

Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith are back in style as they judge every bake, from their signature macaroons and artistic Garibaldi cookies to their stunning mask-show fare.

We laughed! We had tears! We had handshakes!

Maxi was crowned the star baker after a fantastic week, but unfortunately it was Maysam the youngest baker who was eliminated.

Let’s get into it — and rank the bakers this week.


Bake of 2022 maxi

Maxi crowned the baker’s star (Image: Channel Four)

Maxi won the star baker and it was a well deserved win!

She scored an instant handshake in Hollywood for her signature chrysanthemum macaroons filled with raspberry mascarpone cream and salted caramel.

Her technique wasn’t quite as impressive, though, as she’s still fifth – but it was her beautiful showman who really stole the show.

The carnival-inspired Masquerade mask was very exciting, with flavors of coconut and lemon and garnished with Florentine.


Pick Off 2022

James has also had a great week (Image: Channel Four)

James also totally broke it, creating raccoons (yes, raccoon macaroons), filled with raspberry cream and mango curd for his signature, which Paul described as ‘delicious’.

He took second place in the art field and was wildly ambitious with his costume maker, using a very brittle biscuit, an annoying brandy.

However, it paid off, with Paul praising it for thinking a lot about it and using different techniques.


Pick of 2022 Sandro

Sandro smashed it (Photo: Channel Four)

Sandro, Prince of the People, also had an excellent week.

He was congratulated after making passion fruit and salted caramel macaroons, then took third place in technique.

Meanwhile, fans were so obsessed with his carnival-inspired mask, which “challenges” gender stereotypes, that Paul decided he had done an “exceptional job.”


Bread 2022 Yanoosh

Janusz didn’t hit a peak last week – but he’s still doing well (Image: Channel 4)

Janusz may have been a star baker last week, but he hasn’t risen to the same levels in biscuit week.

He made the watermelon macaroon, and while Paul admitted it was a little dry on the outside, everything else was great.

He was technically mediocre, and created a gorgeous cubist mask for his showroom, which Paul described as ‘piercing between the eyes’ with flavour.


Pick Off 2022

Dawn got a Hollywood handshake (Image: Channel 4)

Dawn was off to a great start, getting her Hollywood handshake with a strawberry mascarpone dessert.

However, it has continued to ninth in technique.

She did a little better on her Lemonade Candy Show, with Prue declaring that she did a ‘really good job’.


Bread 2022 Syabira

Syabira had a roller coaster week (Image: Channel 4)

Not everyone was convinced by Syabira when she said she was putting tofu in her macaroon – but Paul ended up loving the flavor of satay.

However, it did not perform well from a technical point of view, coming in at number 10.

But Syabira made up for it more with a double-sided mask, in flavors of lemon, jasmine, orange, and pistachio.

Paul called it “delicious,” declaring, “What a design.”


Pick Off 2022

Carroll hit Carroll (Image: Channel 4)

Carol pretty much sat in the middle of the package with her orange chocolate burger macaroon (despite her cool tone), as Paul decided she should have used orange zest and Bru says it should have been more domed.

But it was technically better, coming in fourth with Garibaldi biscuits.

However, she faced disaster on the show, when her Phantom of the Opera-inspired mask collapsed and she was left crying.

Paul admitted it was a “disgrace” – because he thought it was delicious.



Pick Off 2022

Last place in the Technical Center (Photo: Channel Four).

Abdul had a mixed bag this week, starting with fudge and coffee.

While Paul decided the chocolate and salted caramel were missing, Prue said they were “delicious.”

However, Abdul-Lakher came in technical.

He went on to make a mask inspired by his childhood pet parrot, baking 90 gigantic feathered cookies, with Prue saying he did an ‘extraordinary job’.


Bake Off 2022 Rebs

The Rebels were technically first – but didn’t do well in the other challenges (Image: Channel 4)

Things weren’t looking good for Ribs and their signature dark chocolate macaroons, with Paul calling them a “mess” (albeit with great flavours).

However, she brought it back by taking first place in technique!

Rips went on to make a rosy dough of gingerbread and whiskey, with bro and Paul mixed opinions—but Paul eventually decided it was too soft.


Pick Off 2022

Kevin also had a mixed bag (Image: Channel Four)

Kevin made a dark chocolate-inspired mint chocolate chip and mint macaroon bread, which he feared would end up with a taste of toothpaste.

While it didn’t end with the toothpaste, Paul and Broe said its flavors could have been better.

Kevin didn’t put in a great deal technically, finishing eighth.

His show was the legendary siren mask, which Paul described as ‘joy’ – however, some parts were overly baked.

mix up

Pick Off 2022

Maysam left the tent this week (Photo: Channel Four).

It was a close call, but in the end it was Maysam who came home.

I made a carrot-shaped orange blossom macaroon, and while Paul said the orange blossom flavor was very strong, it was still very good.

She ranked midway through the technical group, coming in at seventh place.

However, when it came to the showwoman, Maisam finished about half an hour early.

She created an amazing Venetian gingerbread mask, but decided she could have done more with her time.

The Great British Bake Off returns Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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