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Grand Slam winner follows Roger Federer and Serena Williams in retirement chain





The streak of tennis is not over yet, as Grand Slam doubles champion Jonathan Ehrlich, who won the 2008 Australian Open and reached the Wimbledon semi-finals in 2003 and 2015, will follow Roger Federer, Serena Williams and other players who have left the tour. this year.

Novak Djokovic will accompany Ehrlich in the draw for the doubles at the Tel Aviv Open, his last ever professional tournament.

Djokovic, who won the only doubles title alongside Ehrlich in 2010, announced his on-court collaboration with Jonathan. Watch Djokovic’s message here: Novak Djokovic will reunite with the Grand Slam winner during his ‘last dance’ on court.

Besides Federer, Serena and Ehrlich, Kirsten Flickens and Andrea Petkovic are other famous tennis players who bid farewell to professional tennis in 2022.

Petkovic announces her retirement

“I think for me I still love the game,” Petkovic said.

“I still have a tremendous amount of passion for the game. The body has become so much more that it no longer allows me to play tennis the way I want to play it, and train the way I want to train. It was fitting for me to play tennis losing to a very young player.

For someone, this is the future of tennis, so it felt right. This year I also felt for the first time that my narrative was being told, and I think I brought everything into the game that I had to give. Obviously not as much as Serena, but in my own little world, I feel like I’ve brought everything to him and my novel is complete.

After Andrea Petkovic announced her retirement, the German tennis player posted a photo on her first day outside the WTA circuit that received some funny comments. “First day of retirement, enjoy my six pack while it lasts!” Petkovic commented on the photo.


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