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Filippo Celli and the first tournament as a pro




The Italian Filippo Celli Open, the first professional tournament for the Youth Blue, has ended. A slight taper occurred for him who, after starting with an excellent -2 on the first lap, couldn’t do better than the 62nd with a +3 score.

Filippo Celli, statements

Despite this, the Chile championship is still considered very positive, as he himself confirmed to Sky’s microphones: “My first race as a professional, I am very happy because I also played over the weekend.

Today is the day I leave the field the happiest, despite the +3 final. But this is the day I played better. Unfortunately, sometimes I made a lot of mistakes and in the first nine I often find myself recovering from very difficult situations.

I started a little bit uphill, then got back into a great lap, but at 17 I caught a bad shot off the tee. Unfortunately, I found myself in a dire situation and got into trouble. But anyway I am very happy, because the first race is very good.”


Then his impressions of Marco Simone Golf & Conutry Club’s Roman pitch: “The field is very selective which rewards those who pull the ball really well. It is very important to play from the fairway because the roughness is very harsh.

Even in the green, it is important to make a mistake on the right side so that you do not find yourself in irreparable situations. The course is short but very “challenging”, I really like it” so instead of it in his near future: “Next week, I will have my first training with the qualifying school in Pogogno.

Then I hope to play the Alfred Dunhill Links tournament and some other tournament where I hope they invite me. Then he added to our microphones: ‘Positive balance. I struggled a bit from the tee this week, and found myself in unpleasant situations, but I knew I had a lot of room for improvement, so the experience should be considered excellent, and also to understand my limitations”


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