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Emeli Sandé is Engaged and the Internet is in Love




Scottish singer-songwriter Emily Sandy has announced her engagement to classical pianist Yoanna Karimova. On Instagram, Sandy showed off the ring under her beaming smile. “I said yes!” Flowed in the caption.

Karimova also shared the news on her account with a photo of a festive cake. “I’d just like to say we’re together forever,” she said. “So glad you answered yes. Thank you all for your love and support, so I really appreciate it.”

The two met right after lockdown, when Sandy needed a pianist’s help in order to record her 2022 album Let’s say for example. I contacted Karimova, who just released her album waves. At the time, Sandy wasn’t abroad, but she revealed it earlier this year metro She fell in love with a woman.

“We met through music, and I definitely feel more than ever,” she said. “It feels great. For me, true love and the love in your life makes everything fall into place.”

When asked what this means for her sexuality, she responds elegantly, “I’m not sure what to define it but I think so. I just feel I should fall in love with everyone I fall in love with.”

Long before she came out, Sandy was an awkward icon. Her single “Paradise” has been a regular feature in gay clubs in the UK since her debut in 2011, when she launched her career. The song “There’s Not Much” on her latest album also refers to attempts to categorize her sexuality. She sings “They’re trying to set me up with Mike or John / But I’d rather get older.”

Not long after her interview with metroSandé took to Twitter to share the identity of her partner in a heartfelt dedication. “It took me years to find the strength I needed to be myself,” she wrote. “I am so lucky to have found my soulmate Yoana, she is such an extraordinary woman! Falling in love with her has given me the strength I need!”

“I feel happier being in love and I feel happier than ever before. …a great weight has been lifted, here is a new beginning in truth and happiness!”



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