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Deion Sanders Arizona State football coach speculation swirls after Herm Edwards firing




It didn’t take long for speculation to surface about the next Arizona State football coach in the wake of Herm Edwards’ dismissal.

And it didn’t take long for Deion Sanders to be floated as a potential candidate for the ASU job.

Will Sanders be fit as a coach for the Sun Devils?

Some college football writers have been impressed by what the Jackson State coach can do in Tempe.

Speculation has been rife about the former NFL star and the Sun Devils since Edwards’ shooting.

Here’s what they have to say about Sanders and his football career in Arizona:

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Yahoo Sports: Dion Sanders should be the nation’s top college coach…starting with Arizona

Dan Wetzel writes: “Perhaps the most perplexing mystery of major college football is how Arizona—with its resources, location, weather, etc.—seldom does well. The Sun Devils have scored in the top ten in 35 years (back in 1996) Herm Edwards was fired Sunday after being defeated by Eastern Michigan. So here we have a potential situation – the seemingly omnipotent program but inexplicably never gets out of its way and the man and coach who has spent life redefining what is possible. Dion Sanders to Arizona? Now that’s going to be a thing.”

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Football Scoop: Several candidates could win in Arizona… Dion Sanders may be the best choice

John Price wrote: “To Arizona State University, you’re probably in Atlanta and countless other compass points. Sanders is a former top athlete in both Major League Baseball and the NFL. The Arizona State campus is located dozens of miles from Central Phoenix City, and entertainment options are hardly lacking in the Valley of the Sun.But recruiting, because the prep football is excellent in the area, the area is also not lacking in the right coach.Do you think Sanders could not attract attention?Jackson State is currently enjoying attendance a renaissance that the program has not seen before At a time when stands have become a widespread concern in college football – and many other sports.”

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Some college football writers really love the possibility of a Deion Sanders fit as the new coach for the Arizona State football team.

Some college football writers really love the possibility of a Deion Sanders fit as the new coach for the Arizona State football team.

CBS Sports: Deion Sanders would make a bold choice as Arizona State football coach

Dennis Dodd wrote, “Anderson walked out of the script with Edwards hired. Why not throw another articulating ball? I’m not sure if Sanders’ training pieces at the top level match his mouth, but I’ll buy a front row for a viewing bench. Arizona State isn’t one of Pac’s best shows.” -12, but it definitely needs a shot of adrenaline. And given that Florida probably won’t be open, Sanders would be a bold choice.”

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The Spun: Will Deion Sanders leave Jackson State for Arizona?

Andrew Gould writes: “Sanders has turned Jackson State into a juggernaut, so the former NFL and MLB star could stand a chance of receiving a prominent coaching position for the Power Five. However, he also referred to his current position as a ‘and heightened importance of building the HBCU program’ However, Sanders has given interviews for other major conference jobs, and could turn the right school into a major player if he’s looking for a new job. Wetzel sees Arizona State University as a “sleeping giant” Sanders uniquely qualified to wake up to.

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Outkick: Are Deion Sanders the perfect choice for Arizona?

David Hookstead wrote: “Sanders could be a great choice for the Sun Devils if the program is willing to be daring. Fantasies about Urban Meyer are farcical, but the former MLB and NFL player coming to Tempe is very realistic. Last season, Sanders broke the record 11- 2 with the Tigers in his second season with the program and he’s currently on season 3-0 in 2022. A man can get results on the pitch.Yes, it’s FCS football, but the win is still the winner, and he’s doing it at a high level. “.

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Do you think Dion Sanders would fit in as a football coach at Arizona State?

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This article originally appeared on The Arizona Republic: Speculation swirls in Arizona State football coach Dion Sanders


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