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Coyote’s Reaction to Squeaky Toy Delights Internet: ‘Barkour’




Wolf’s enthusiasm for a sharp dog game gave the Internet reason to smile on Tuesday.

A woman confined to her hospital bed captured the moment in a video that went viral on Reddit, quickly garnering 37,000 votes on the website’s “Aww” forum.

“Coyote found a very squeaky toy that I left outside by mistake,” anonymous user u/Squanchinthepark said in her comment. “It turns out that the coyote[s] I like squeaky games too.”

The footage showed a coyote holding the toy in its mouth as it ran in wide, merry circles around a garden outside the woman’s window. A minute and a half of the animal’s recorded playing time was recorded with high jumps in the air and spinning vortices – which the woman described as “Parkour”.

She revealed in a previous post on Reddit that the woman watching her wild neighbor was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in January. She confirmed suspicions from a commentator who guessed her point during the video.

“Okay, stage 4 lung cancer 7 months ago. Should be limited to the medical ward,” the viewer wrote.

The patient replied, “It’s a bit shabby, but it has great views of the zoo.”


Other Reddit users encouraged her to capture a moment that delighted thousands of netizens, all while enduring her illness.

Coyote Griffith Park
Here, a nursing mother coyote in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California, in 2007. Although coyotes can attack people in rare circumstances, animals are much more endangered than humans than the other way around.
David McNew/Staff/Getty Images North America

“I hope Wolf keeps coming and making /u/Squanchinthepark smile every day,” said one commenter.

“Oh, that made my day to see,” another gushed. “It is a pleasure to see them so excited and happy walking around and having fun!”

Although coyotes are closely related to domesticated dogs – so much so that they can breed with them on rare occasions – they may attack family pets. This is because of the coyotes, the free-living cat or small dog similar to a hare or woodcutter, which are their natural prey, according to the Humane Society.

These attacks have increased as coyotes have become the largest carnivores in an increasing number of urban areas across North America, according to a report by the Cook County Coyote Project in Chicago, Illinois. Despite their ability to attack people in rare circumstances, animals are much more endangered than humans than the other way around.

Some die in wildlife killing competitions, which give contestants to shoot coyotes faster. Federal agents kill, poison, and hunt coyotes to eradicate them from ranching grounds. As the number of coyotes grew in cities, urban hunters devised their killing.

NEWSWEEK u/Squanchinthepark has been reached for comment.


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