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Challenge Tour, four steps before the final




Four more tournaments before reaching the Grand Final of the Rolex Challenge Tour where 20 “cards” will be allocated for the DP World Tour 2023. The battle to get into the top 45 on the money list is getting closer and closer, which will make it to the final chapter, but also to climb as high as possible within the rankings. .

Challenge Tour, Swiss Challenge

The Swiss Challenge (September 22-25) is set to kick off at Saint-Apollinaire Golf Course, in Wolfensburg, France, with five Italians starting: Lorenzo Scales, Matteo Manasero, Aaron Zimmer, Giulio Castagnara and Stefano Mazzoli.

Emphasizing everyone’s desire to make the most of the remaining races, 16 players will move onto the field among the top 20 races in the merit order, including South African Juan Carlo Ricci, absent since mid-August who has favored competing on the DP World Tour multiple times, He fell from 1st to 10th on the way to Mallorca (money list) and is now taking some risks.

The two Germans leading the group, Alexander Knabe, number one in the standings, and Freddy Schutt, second, do not succumb to possible flattery for the main round, while England’s Nathan Kimsey (No. 3), Denmark’s Oliver Hundeboll (No.


4) and Norwegian Christian Krug Johansen (No. 8). There will be others to follow, Sweden’s Jens Dantorp (No. 5) and Mikael Lindberg (No. 6), Swiss Jeremy Freiburgus (No. 7), France’s Robin Seygrist (No. 9) and more specifically Ritchie.

Try to climb into the top 20 Scalise, who is currently 29th on the money list, while Matteo Manassero (59th) needs a prestigious score to enter 45 and get a ticket to the Grand Final (November 3-6, Mallorca, Spain). The prize pool is €250,000, of which 40,000 will reward the winner.

The Credit Suisse Challenge is a golf tournament that forms part of the European Challenge Tour. The first version was in 1990 on Sempacher Golf, but there hasn’t been a sequel for ten years. In 2000 and 2001, the tournament was on the calendar again, this time at the Patriziale Golf Club near Ascona.

After that, the tournament was temporarily suspended. In 2006, it was restarted and the championship was moved to Wylihof Golf Club. In 2010, the championship returned to Sempachersee. The tournament is often held the same week as the British Open.


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