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Canada still seen as a land of snow, ice and maple syrup




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Canada’s image in the world is still snow, beautiful landscapes, and maple syrup, according to Blacklock Reporter.

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In Vietnam, a survey showed that people think of maple trees and cold weather when the word “Canada” is mentioned.

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When asked what generally comes to mind about Canada, the most common response in Vietnam was “maple trees” cited by 13% of survey respondents. Then came “beautiful landscapes” (8%), followed by “cold weather” (7%) and “a good place to study” (7%).

The other Canadian associations were “clean air”, “friendly people”, “lobster” and “high income”. Thirteen percent had no response.

About 2,300 consumers in Vietnam were interviewed for research on agricultural exports. The Vietnamese associated Australia with kangaroo meat, the United States with steak and Canada with beef and bacon.

“No single Canadian product stands out,” said the Vietnamese Consumer Perceptions of Canadian Food.

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The survey in Vietnam came after research conducted in 2021 showed that most Italians associated Canada with mountains and maple syrup.

People in France were thinking of sled dogs and Niagara Falls.


A report entitled “Italian Perceptions” stated that “Canada’s image has its strengths and weaknesses.”

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“Beyond traditional and cliched perceptions of Canada, i.e. large open spaces and beautiful landscapes, Italians have identified some of the core values ​​of Canadian identity such as our vibrant economy, a high standard of living, commitment to the environment and a multicultural community.”

More than half of Italians surveyed (52%) believe Canada has a similar culture to the United States.

Twenty-one percent knew that Canada is a country rich in raw materials.

A similar survey in France found that the words respondents most often associated with Canada were “green,” “broad,” “camping,” “Niagara Falls,” and “sled dogs.”


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