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A bag was tossed over a bridge in Florida. Cops found out something was alive inside




A caller reported seeing someone throw a plastic bag onto a Central Florida bridge from a moving vehicle this week, according to a post Thursday on Facebook from Orlando-based Orange County Animal Services.

A report on the incident from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the witness, who was walking her dog, sought help from a deputy.

The resident in question, looking from the top of the bridge, said that a dog could be seen curled up inside the bag.

A rescue officer responded with a deputy from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The post said they discovered a young female inside the little blue plastic bag that had been “dumped like trash”.

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The pair climbed down the steep bridge and eventually managed to pull the animal, a Big Bull, to safety.

The accident report stated that the attorney named her rescued Daisy.

The two-year-old puppy was unharmed, and a little later. And soon after her ordeal, she was adopted. The mayor’s office shared the pup’s post, which appears to be in perfect condition, with the caption:

“Looks like Daisy has found a home! It makes us happy!”

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The rescue organization ended the post saying despite the happy ending to the story, it is still unclear why someone would have thrown the poor thing into the water in the first place.


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“We don’t know why this happened,” Animal Services said. “The site where Daisy was dumped is just a short drive from the shelter. There are hundreds of private rescues who would be willing to take in a cute and kind dog for adoption or adoption. Yet someone chose instead to commit this brutal act.”

Daisy was lucky that a passerby witnessed the accident, and the animal services group said, “If you see something, say something. There is no reason to treat animals like that.”

Commentators wholeheartedly agreed.

One social media user wrote: “Honestly, I would never die without understanding how people can have such cold and disgusting black spirits.”

Another wrote: “Some humans can be heartless.”

“WTF is wrong with people!” Yet another post in all hats.

Someone else gave a shout out to the rescue organization.

“She saved my child from OCAS and she is my angel, the queen of my house. I will never understand how she was abandoned, she is in a better place now.”


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